Wint Corporation specializes in high precision optics manufacturing, and is recognized as a reliable supplier of precision optics by many satisfied large companies worldwide. With state-of-the-art processing equipments, talented technical expertise, a strong research and development team and complete quality control systems, we offer quality optics at best prices.

Wint has comprehensive product lines covering precision optics, optical assemblies and infrared optics. We have excellent capabilities in fabricating, polishing, coating and assembling wide range of optical components, such as lenses, prisms, windows, filters, mirrors and more, from standard to high precision quality such as l/10 accuracy.

Thin film coating is one of our strongest areas. With advanced coating and inspection machines, we are capable of providing world class coating products. Wint offers antireflection coatings, bandpass filters, beamsplitters, high-reflective coatings and laser mirrors.

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The engineering team consists of experienced and well-educated personnel from optical design, material science, optical engineering, opto-electronics and mechanical engineering. Wint has worked together with customers from product development stage to very large quantity production run.

Wint offers very competitive prices, quick response, on time delivery and total satisfactions to our customers. Our mission is to continue best services to customers and be one of the leading global optics suppliers.
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